Tonya was raised in Stockton, Ca, but has been living and working in San Francisco for the past seven years. She broke into tattooing working for one of the great old timers, Henry Goldfield, in North Beach, where she apprenticed in a manner that respects tattoo’s long rooted traditions and history. She considers herself very lucky for the opportunity to be mentored by one of the oldest tattooers alive today. Henry passed on to her years of knowledge and experience, as well as introduced her to many other inspiring tattooers, including the iconic Lyle Tuttle, one of the last living legends.  She is currently working at Lampblack Tattoo, located in the heart of the mission, where she continues to learn, grow, and evolve her art and style. Her work is firmly rooted in American Traditional, but is constantly experimenting with pushing those boundaries, using her fine arts background as a way of creating her own unique style, paying homage to the greats who came before.